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Durand R. Begault, PhD, FAES

PhD Computer Audio, University of California, San Diego, CA, 1987
MFA Recording Media, Mills College, Oakland, CA, 1981

Areas of Expertise

Acoustical consulting; digital signal processing; audio and video tape authentication; audibility analysis of speech, alarms, and warning signals; voice identification and elimination and ‘ear witness’ testimony; enhancement of recordings; copyright infringement and musicological analysis; patent/intellectual property analyses for audio technology; gunshot acoustic analysis; videotape image enhancement; and analysis of digital recordings. Since 1987, Dr. Begault has provided expert consultation in over 500 audio-video and acoustic forensic cases. He has testified over 40 times in court or depositions, in U.S. Federal and State courts including the U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC), and courts in Canada and International arbitration panels (ICSID).


1996-current Audio Forensic Center - Charles M. Salter Associates, Director
1988-current NASA Ames Research Center, Research Scientist, Human Systems Integration Division
2003-current McGill University, Montreal, Recording Engineering and Technology Program: Adjunct Faculty

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